195 x 85 x 207 cm

3,00 m

4,10 m

100 kg (ZMA.100) / 160 kg (ZMA.160)

ADAR masonry crane is a device for mechanical bricklaying of walls. It is available in two versions - with lifting capacity: 100kg and 160kg. In combination with a suitable gripper, it allows bricklaying of walls made of standard small-size masonry elements, such as Silka E, Sil pro, blocks of Zaklady Silikatowe Żytkowice, Ytong Jumbo, Solbet allowing grabbing several pieces of blocks at the same time (depending on the material). In the case of a masonry crane with a lifting capacity of 160kg, it is also possible to masonry walls of large-size blocks Silka Tempo one piece at a time. Thanks to such capabilities of the machine, the bricklayer is able to brick much faster and lighter (he is relieved from carrying heavy elements). The device is best suited for masonry walls with thin joints (for glue).

The crane is capable of masonry up to a height of 3.10m, and if it is additionally equipped with an extension up to 4.10m. In both cases, it is possible to brick with it under the ceiling of the storey above ("under-ceiling").

The transport machine can be disassembled into several parts, making the masonry crane the most compact of the masonry equipment available on the market. The small size of the device when disassembled into parts allows it to be transported by van or car trailer. The weight of the ADAR masonry crane (without counterweight) is 300kg (with extension 330kg). The ballast (counterweight) of the machine consists of masonry blocks to be placed in the ballast basket. This allows the machine to be transported without ballast, which significantly reduces the cost of transporting it.

Because the machine can be disassembled into several parts, it can even be moved between floors by hand! The heaviest of the components - the ballast basket weighs 75kg, which makes it possible to move it in two people to another required place!

Capacity: two people + masonry crane are able to brick up to 10m2 of masonry / hour! (The quoted efficiency was calculated for Silka E blocks masonry on glue).

ZMA.100 ZMA.160
Capacity 100 kg 160 kg
Own weight (without ballast) 300 kg 300 kg
Ballast weight 150 kg 450 kg
Weight of the extension 30 kg 30 kg
Masonry height 3,10 m 3,10 m
Height of masonry with extension 4,10 m 4,10 m
Reach 3,00 m 3,00 m
Lifting speed 3-8 m/min 3-8 m/min
Lowering speed 3-8 m/min 3-8 m/min
Working voltage 230V - 16A 230V - 16A
Maximum support pressure during work 4,7 kN 7,4 kN
Support spacing during work 225 cm X 215 cm
Dimensions after folding 195 cm X 85 cm X 207 cm

Our mini cranes are unique in that they allow for under ceiling masonry.


Our cranes meet all health and safety standards required on construction sites


Minimum paperwork and constant telephone contact.


We are an industry leader in the manufacture of masonry machines.

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