Mini Crane MC03
for under ceiling masonry

185 x 80 x 196 cm

3,35 m

4,25 m

250 kg (MC03)/ 350kg (MC03.350)

Mini crane MC03 is a device for mechanical bricklaying. It is useful for bricklaying even under the ceiling of the storey above! Its small dimensions allow to pass through standard doorways. The preparation for work is very short and involves only a few steps. The machine can be transported on a van or a trailer thanks to its low weight. Most importantly, the MC03 replaces the hard manual work of a bricklayer, allowing to brick even faster!

Two operators + MC03 = six operators in traditional technology

In addition, thanks to its small dimensions and relatively high lifting capacity, you can attach another clamp to the hook, e.g. for installing a glass facade, so the MC03 can be used on the construction site in many different ways!

Work faster and lighter

*Machines available in stock

The product mentioned above is being under patent procedure

Under ceiling gripper

Under ceiling gripper CHP allows you to install large-sized elements up to 15 cm under the ceiling at a higher level.

The product mentioned above is being under patent procedure

Surface gripper

Surface gripper SG meets the demand for various gripping widths in a single gripper. Thanks to the width adjustment you can pick up workpieces with different dimensions. The gripper is also perfect for placing workpieces close to the edge of another workpiece, e.g. for curtain walls or walls with several sides. A distance of only 2 cm is required from the workpiece to be placed.

An additional advantage of the gripper is the special coverings which protect the material to be lifted. This allows you to lift even heavy but delicate workpieces without leaving a mark on the gripped elements. This is particularly important when using unplastered workpieces.

The widths of the SG gripper can be adapted to individual customer requirements. In the picture on the right the width is adjustable from 0 to 40 cm.

The product mentioned above is being under patent procedure

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The idea behind the creation of ADAR company was to find a solution that would make wall masonry easier. The innovative approach of the ADAR company resulted in the development of a mini crane enabling mechanical bricklaying under ceiling. The machines have been working since 2020, making the work of bricklayers easier and speeding up the tempo of wall construction. Mini cranes, thanks to their compact dimensions and a range of possibilities replace hard physical work of people and also provide the possibility to reach places where larger cranes are not able to reach.

Our machines are designed and manufactured in our factory in Poland. Thanks to the high qualifications and full commitment of our team, we are also able to advise and customise a solution dedicated to your needs! We are open to your questions and needs.

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Our mini cranes are unique in that they allow for under ceiling masonry.


Our cranes meet all health and safety standards required on construction sites


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We are an industry leader in the manufacture of masonry machines.

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